Photo by Richard Corman

Photo by Richard Corman



A modern-day Ella Fitzgerald seems a notion too good to be true. But anyone who's been lucky enough to find themselves within an earshot of Dana Williams at one of her enrapturing LA shows can confirm the comparison is bona fide.

Counting the Queen of Jazz as her longtime inspiration, along with Billie Holiday, the 24-year- old singer-songwriter mounts enchanting, effortless vocals on a daydreamy backdrop for an entirely timeless sound.

Predisposed for musical merit, Williams continues the story set in motion by her father David Williams, whose guitar-playing genius lent itself to the likes of Michael Jackson, Madonna and Whitney Houston.

Writing her own chapter in the legacy, Williams has cultivated her talent from an early age, acquiring many notable fans along the way. When she was in just 4th grade, she was selected along to perform 'Hard Knock Life' with Jay-Z for a TV special. Cut to today and she is still gaining nods from the hip-hop scene, most recently collaborating with Freddie Gibbs on his single “The Hard”, and being selected by Damon Dash to soundtrack his new fashion line, Poppington.

Further proof of her versatility and ever broadening appeal can be found: in the film 'Whiplash' by Damien Chazelle, where her song 'Keep Me Waiting' is heard in the soundtrack. Williams made it to the top 5 on ABC's Rising Star. In addition, further proof can also be found on her YouTube, where Williams has garnered thousands of views offering soulful takes on songs by The Neighborhood, Lana del Ray and Rihanna. Her cover of Lorde's song 'Team' was even recently championed by America's golden boy Ryan Seacrest! Her channel also sets the stage for duets with fellow local musicians Gavin Turek, Jessie Payo and actress/musician Leighton Meester among others. 

Having given fans a teasing taste last year with her debut single, ironically titled, 'Keep Me Waiting', Williams finally released her 5-track 'The Lonely One EP' in March 2014.

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